Plain and simple! Links to sites and products that I like. Why make it hard?

music My former day time work Great Logic community Cool software
modartt Modelled piano software. Is this cool!
spectrasonics Another cool software developer
synthogy My favourite software piano


google search Only search engine needed
flickr Image/photography community
digideep All one needs to know about uw gear Swedish diving community Another Swedish diving community
zengarden CSS pioneers
design charts Listing great sites
pixel implosion Nice web portfolio


apple computers Simply the best computers
pacemaker The future in DJ:ing
Sea&Sea Underwater cameras and strobes
Olympus Cameras good for UW-photography
Suunto Dive computers
Waterproof Swedish made wetsuites
Canon Great cameras for every use
Tokina Lenses for Canon cameras
Mares Underwater gear
Heinrich Sweikamp Optical strobe adapters
Mike-Dive UW-gear service and modification


Carlzonz bilder Talented photographer with an intelectual mind
Pelle piano Multi talented artist who challenge all perceptions
David Bicho Local portrait photographer with amuzing ideas
f64 Photographer who manage to capture the magic both below and above sea
fisheye photo Great underwater photos by mr. Joakim Tenglin
Bitten by sharks Claudia and Leon works as professional UW-photographers
Frozen Time Mark Harris is a talented photographer, living in Uppsala, Sweden.


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